TEN is a label made up of individuals from the fields of architecture, design, architectural history, writing, academia and making. We come together to develop interdependent and collaborative projects and partnerships across the broad spectrum of cultural production, with a specific focus on design by research briefs and body of work shaped by common values. TEN practices its ethos through a portfolio of self-initiated projects that we undertake with specialised research departments, civil society, local governments and community representatives as well as private clients. TEN has worked with live prototyping, design and build workshops, collective editing, collated public mapping, material research investigations, pedagogical experiments, curatorial propositions and public lectures and performances. TEN is made by TEN Studio and TEN Institute.

TEN Studio is a Zurich and Belgrade based architecture and research studio that aims to conceive, design and produce work that both states and expands upon emerging practices in the built environment.

Scott Lloyd MSc ETH Arch, director
Nemanja Zimonjić MSc ETH Arch, director
Ognjen Krašna MArch, director
Jana Kulić MArch
Miloš Kapetanović MArch
Nicolas Rothenbühler MSc ETH Arch
Luka Piškorec MSc ETH Arch
Lukas Burkhart MSc ETH Arch

TEN Institute is a not-for-profit association providing an independent platform and network for design research,  public collaboration and experimentation in the making and reception of architecture and associated cultural fields.

Current collaborators of TEN Institute:

Emma Letizia Jones MSc ETH Arch
Guillaume Othenin-Girard MSc ETH Arch
Estudio Artigas

Past collaborators of TEN Institute:

Karl Rühle MSc ETH Arch 
Lukas Burkhart MSc ETH Arch
Alexa den Hartog MSc ETH Arch
Marija Blagojevic MAS ETH Urban Design
Josip Jerkovic MAS ETH Wohnen
David Stöger MArch