X = ( T = E = N )

TEN is a Zurich based architecture research studio made by individuals from the fields of architecture, design, architectural history, writing, academia and making. We come together outside the frame of our institutional research to develop interdependent and collaborative projects across the broad spectrum of cultural production, with a specific focus on design-by-research briefs. Our output includes public events and symposia, teaching programs resulting in related publications and exhibitions, and a design practice encompassing both theory and making. We see every project, whether a construction project, a teaching unit or a written text, as a chance to develop a holistic production that links these various facets of architectural practice.

TEN, unlike conventional architectural offices, practices its ethos through a portfolio of self-initiated projects that we undertake with specialised research departments, civil society, local governments and community representatives.

TEN investigates modes of architectural literacy, striving to understand the relationship between words, drawings and buildings in the long history of architectural practice and pedagogy. Our writing, teaching and design practice is therefore focused on dissecting and reconstructing the intersections and tensions that exist between these three mediums. Within these spaces of translation we enact the potential for architecture.

TEN won SWISS ART AWARDS 2018 for architecture.

TEN, Kanzleistrasse 80, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland

Follow us on instagram @ten_studio, or we can just meet in Zurich.